Magento Upgrade Services

Magento upgrade services involve updating a website that uses the Magento e-commerce platform to a newer version. It can include updating the core software and any installed extensions or custom code. Upgrading can bring new features, security updates, and bug fixes to a website, but it can also require testing and troubleshooting to ensure that the site continues functioning properly. Safcodes is a Magento development company in Dubai that offers professional Magento upgrade services to help businesses with this process.

Magento 2 versions: why upgrade?

Upgrades to Magento 2 can benefit a company for various reasons:

  • Security updates: Magento 2 upgrades may include security patches to protect the website and consumer data.
  • Enhancements to features: Upgrades may come with new features and functions that improve user experience, performance, and scalability.
  • Bug fixes: Upgrades may solve known faults in the previous version, improving website stability and dependability.
  • Better performance: Newer Magento 2 versions may operate and scale better, helping the website handle more traffic and orders.
  • Technology standards: Upgrades may be needed to maintain the website up-to-date and compatible with other software and applications.
  • Better support: Magento provides support for the latest and certain versions for a limited time. Older versions will lose support, so it's best to upgrade.
  • Improved SEO: SEO upgrades can boost search engine rankings and website traffic.

What we provide:

Our staff can safely upgrade Magento 2 to the current version and provide the following:

Zero data loss:

We understand your concern about potentially losing data during the upgrade to a newer version, which is why our developers, who provide the best Magento Upgrade Services in Dubai, UAE, will work diligently to ensure that all of your essential data is transferred without a hitch.

Nearly no Downtime:

We understand that downtime is a major concern for store owners. Therefore we do our best to schedule maintenance at a time that will have minimal effect on your business.

Extensive Advice-Seeking:

Over the past year, we've completed more than 130 upgrades for our clients, so we're familiar with the potential problems that can arise. You'll be heard thoroughly and given suggestions tailored to your specific situation.

Patches for security:

Last but not least, as part of this Magento update service, we will apply all of the currently available patches for your version.

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What has Magento 2.4.5 added?

  • Over twenty improvements and corrections to the security
  • Enhanced performance with a threefold increase in higher-order throughput
  • All businesses can accept payments with Apple Pay.
  • Integrated Google Tag module, with support for upgrading to Google Analytics 4
  • Page Builder v1.7.2 and PWA Studio v12.5.x are both compatible with this extension.
  • GraphQL has received several new features and enhancements that increase store speed.
  • Upgrade of the DHL integration schema from version 6.0 to version 6.2
  • Support for Google reCAPTCHA on Wish List Sharing, New Account
  • Creation and Gift Card form submissions

How does the update service function?

Stage 1: Get Advice

Complete the form below to have an expert get in touch with you within 24 business hours to discuss your project's specifics.

Stage 2: Back Up

To ensure that no vital information is lost during the upgrade process, we create a backup of your website and database.

Stage 3: Upgrade

When it comes to Magento updates, we know what to do.

The Setup of a Server:

Experts on our team will install and set up Elasticsearch, upgrade PHP, and install and configure any Magento 2 modules that may be missing.

Updating the Magento default data:

To upgrade the default Magento data to the most recent version, resolve conflicts, test the website's fundamental operation, and get it ready for deployment to the live server. Our developers will first run a replica of your environment on a staging server.

Stage 4: Updates to custom modules and adjustments

We will test your store and fix any faults to ensure everything is functioning as it should, removing the possibility of compatibility issues caused by third-party extensions, themes, and customizations.

Stage 5: Warranty

Safcodes, one of the Magento Upgrade Services in Dubai, UAE, provides backup for all our services with a free 2-month guarantee and unlimited technical help.