Shopify to Magento 2 Migration Services

Shopify to Magento Migration

If you are looking for Shopify to Magento 2 Migration Services in Dubai, then Safcodes can seamlessly migrate your eCommerce store to Magento, improving it and making it very scalable.

If you want a flexible, customizable, and user-friendly platform for your eCommerce store, go no further than Magento. Switching to Magento from Shopify is the best option; if so, the next step is to locate the most reliable transfer partner. Finally, your quest concludes here.

Safcodes is the best Shopify to Magento 2 Migration Services in Dubai, UAE, where we provide solutions for a fully customized store. Leverage our knowledge of Magento 2 migration to create a brand-new shopping experience with a robust Magento 2 store.


  • Enhance user experience to increase conversions and sales.
  • Changes to a website's SEO help bring more people to the store.
  • Maximize productivity with a wide range of powerful Magento 2 Extensions
  • Maintaining an up-to-date eCommerce store is made more accessible by Magento's active developer community.
  • Innovative catalogue and inventory management systems simplify catalogue administration to a new level.

What Steps Are Involved In A Shopify To Magento Migration?

To protect your Shopify store's database from unauthorized access, we'll need to export the data in CSV file format. Go to the "Export" tab in the Shopify Admin Dashboard to export your data. The steps are as follows: -

Sign into your Shopify account and select the category you wish to export from the sidebar.

To select the export settings, click the export. After that, choose "Export product data" to start the exporting procedure.

The technologies Migration procedure can begin as soon as you have completed the necessary steps to export your data from your Shopify store. We're here to help you out as a business partner.

  • Sign up for a new profile.
  • Activate the whole migration.
  • Choose which entities you wish to transfer.
  • Configure the migration procedure.

You can switch from Shopify to Magento by following these instructions.

How do you Migrate Data From Shopify To Magento?

The information about items and product categories, manufacturers, customers, orders, coupons, and CMS pages may all be moved from Shopify Store to Magneto. It covers all of the data that is contained within the Shopify Store.

Complete Magento Migration Services Include:

Migration of catalogues

Our team of qualified Magento Developers is second to none when updating the catalogue to a new, scalable structure.

Migration of customers and orders

Our Magento Migration Services provide a trouble-free transition for all customers and order information.

Migrating Custom Functionality and Third-Party Extensions

Through tailored modules, we can assist with migrating third-party extensions for taxation, payments, improved functionality, etc.

Why Choose Safcodes For Migration

No Technical Skills Required

All shopping cart migration issues have been resolved, reducing the need for human intervention. Using Safcode tools, you can rest assured that your migration will be completely hands-free.

Top Expert in Shopping Cart Migration

At a price that won't break the bank, our Magento experts will help you make the switch from Shopify. In addition, it's simple, quick, and accurate to increase your store's capacity if you're considering doing so.

Total Uptime

We will ensure that your store continues to function normally during the relocation. Our sales procedure is still running smoothly and initiating cloud transitions with minimal work and zero disruption.

24/7 Support

We offer a specialized Shopify to Magento 2 Migration Services in Dubai team that can be reached through ticket, phone, Livechat, and email after the transition from Shopify to Magento has commenced.

Constant Monthly Updates

Our company offers 2 months of free and unlimited data migrations, re-migrations, and intelligent updates to ensure you will not lose any information.

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How Is Your Data Safe During a Migration?

Safcodes, a Magento seo consultant company, guarantees the integrity of your data storage. Protecting our customers' information from outside influences is a top priority for our team.

Software Security

The transferred information is encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption and the HTTPS protocol.

Security for Servers

All migration-related tasks are carried out in a safe and secure environment on a server with limited physical access.

System Security

Our system is shielded from cyber threats by a firewall, the most cutting-edge network design schema.

Data access management

Employees' actions are logged, audited, and regulated when they look at sensitive customer migration information.

Safety of Payments

PayPal, a widely used payment processor, handles all financial transactions. In light of the high risk posed to customers' financial information, Safcodes does not keep any of their card details on file.