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Best Web Design and Development Company Dubai, UAE

We are one of the world's leading Web Design and Development Company Dubai, UAE providing services. We work with clients all around the world to improve their digital capabilities. We have 20 years of experience and can help you increase audience value in light of digital disruption in your sector. Our progressive website development services were a key component of this digital strategy. It allows our customers to expand their operations on a global scale.

Safcodes is a top choice when looking for a Web Agency in Dubai. We've partnered with organizations across industries to assist them in better utilizing digital tools. Businesses can provide greater value to customers at a fraction of the expense of mobile app development. Thanks to advancements in web app development the world has changed. As a leading website development firm, we've helped our customers grow their businesses. We provided them with cutting-edge web development services.

Safcodes Web Design and Development Company Dubai, UAE has the best team of web app developers with extensive experience on multiple frameworks. It allows us to back up your digital dreams with cutting-edge tools. To stay up with the ever-changing preferences of their target audience, they prioritise producing clear, concise, and optimized code.

We create web apps that reflect the specifics of your industry thanks to our broad background in businesses around the world. One of the many reasons our customers adore us is because of this. We're here to assist you navigate this uncharted territory and make the most of the opportunities it presents for your company.

Android & iOS App Development

Android App Development Services

We develop Android applications using the best innovation techniques. We create a revolutionary eye to the mobile app development services world. We design end-to-end solutions that our clients can customize per their requirements.

We work on web-based, database, and Standalone and native application services. We promise to deliver high-end mobile application solutions that can meet the present market trends by following

  • Well-designed strategies and process flow to develop an app
  • Secured apps focusing on major data regulations.
  • Dedicated team to work on the project
  • Testing the mobile app with QA best practices
  • Smooth deployment of the application
  • Provides easy cloud-based integrations and customization tools.

iOS App Development Services

We offer solutions that provide the same native-like experience to apps as iOS applications. Our team provides applications that meet the security requirements for device properties, and system security.

We provide iOS mobile app development services to devices such as iPhones, iPad, and many others. Our services include

  • Best iOS UI/UX design for all devices
  • Secured mobile application development and customization features
  • Proper iOS quality testing
  • Provide third-party integrations
  • Deployment across any platform
  • Delivery through optimized CI/CD methods
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Flutter App Development

Developers can create native iOS, Android, and Web apps using Google's Flutter app development framework. Our Flutter application development services help build faster cross-platform apps, reduce bugs, and increase ROI.

Flutter App Development Services

At Safcodes, we design and build functional applications with flexible UI and native execution. Our team of experts is quick in developing your Mobile, web, and Desktop based applications.

We understand your concepts and design an app that brings in profit to your business. Our team first spends time gathering requirements. The team builds apps through coding using the open-source development framework. We ensure to develop an app with less loading time, giving the users a better app experience.

Application Upgradation

If you already have an application on Flutter and want to upgrade it, we are here to help. We insert new features as per the latest iOS & Android versions to make it compatible. We can also customize your application if needed.

Our team has hands-on experience writing a single code base to maintain the application scalability and future-ready.

Application Maintenance

Are you looking for Flutter app maintenance? We help you maintain your app by updating its features with current trends. We tend to create a better user engagement with growing market demands.

We provide maintenance services like refreshing app content, performance analysis, monitoring user engagement. We are here to maintain your application in the long run.

Flutter App Development Process
  • Gathering and analyzing Business requirements
  • Finalizing the development of technology
  • App data flow architecture and wireframing
  • Developing desktop, mobile, and web app visuals
  • Coding and project management
  • Integrating APIs for Desktop, web, and mobile devices
  • Manual and Automated testing process
  • Integrating analytical tools and app monitoring tools
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React Application Development

React app development is one of the strongest areas for our Safcodes front-end developers team. The team uses React.js to create dynamic web pages, social media apps, and SPAs.

Having developed software using React.js, we understand how to take advantage of its features. Due to the virtual DOM, you can use React.js to create appealing and performant user interfaces. A significant benefit of React.js is that existing components can be reused. It simplifies and accelerates the development process. Our team's specialty is to create web applications that are migrated, SEO-friendly and can be debugged.

Our features such as
  • Customizable React JS development services
  • Front-end development services like SPA and PWA development, UI/UX services, and Out staffing services.
  • Secured robust Web app development with progressive web apps, SAPs, Web portals, ERP and CRM systems, and Cross-platform apps.
  • SPAs, we develop project management systems, recruitment and analytical platforms, and resource management solutions.
  • PWAs are the future of web applications for all B2B and B2C segments. We offer services such as PWA web development, PWA UI design, PWA mobile development, PWA integration etc.
  • Migration to React
  • Dynamic web apps.
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Search Engine Optimization Services

Integrated digital services from Safcodes move your company's digital growth forward. Our comprehensive SEO management services are tailored to individual needs. Using Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) makes your competitors irrelevant.

Services we provide

Keyword Research

Our first step is to review your website and the keywords it is ranking currently. We conduct keyword research using tools and develop a list of keywords that suit your website.

Building backlinks

Backlinks are very important as they increase your website ranking in search results. We work on your website by building backlinks from the best high-quality websites.

Technical SEO

We audit your website to check the technical issues such as page speed, 301 eros, 404 errors, and many more to improve your website rankings

On-Page SEO

It is important to maintain On-page services to improve the visibility of a website. We at Safcodes, use fresh and unique content on web pages. Placing keyword-related titles, descriptions, meta tags, and high-resolution images to get high-quality traffic.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is usually done to increase online traffic and gain more exposure. We perform a good link-building process, social media marketing, influencer marketing etc.

Local SEO

We work on local SEO rankings by creating and maintaining your Google My Business listings. We ensure that your customers can reach you, thus improving your site's performance and online reputation.

Ecommerce SEO

We provide the best Ecommerce shopping experience to our customers. We launch marketing campaigns, optimizing your site for voice search, and creating a new brand experience.

Mobile Optimization

We optimize your website for both Desktop and mobile devices. We check the page speed and web core vitals to provide the best user experience.

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Website Maintenance Services

We provide website maintenance services to businesses across the globe. We are here to help them better secure and perform their websites. We have the experience and expertise that your business needs, no matter what plan you need.

To ensure that your website's security does not hamper your business's growth, we ensure that we keep it up to date and secure. In-house-developed technology allows us to achieve our aim is an easy-to-complete opt-in process. You can count on our in-house experts to handle your day-to-day website changes. We solve hosting and email issues, SSL certificates, loading issues. We serve many platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

Website Maintenance Services include

We perform various website services to keep your website secured and up to date. Some services are

  • Perform Daily content updates
  • Support CMS and updates
  • Site backups
  • Security scans
  • Tech support
  • Internal maintenance
  • Functionality Check
  • Hacking and Virus check
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