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Website Maintenance Services Dubai

Website Maintenance Services Dubai

Website upkeep is no less expensive and complicated. For all businesses in Dubai, Safcodes, one of the top website maintenance service providers, offers affordable website maintenance packages. You don't have to worry about maintaining your website, whether you're running a startup, SME, MNC, or government organization. Instead, you can concentrate all your efforts on running your business.

Website maintenance in Dubai

Maintaining your website is essential for it to function correctly. However, web maintenance comprises many time-consuming tasks that demand prompt response and precision. which, if you start doing it yourself, can divert your focus from your company's goal. These tasks range from installing version upgrades to monitoring content and eliminating dead links. Additionally, because you lack expertise, it will cause more harm than good.

Yet, you can be confident that nothing could go wrong if you hire a web expert like us. Thanks to our many years of experience providing web creation and maintenance services in Dubai, we can control your website on your behalf. We can handle routine updates and other requirements like server problems, database optimization, SSL certificate installation, content management, and much more. Whether the platform is WordPress, Magento, or.Net,

Website Maintenance Services We Offer

With one of the most effective digital teams in the area, we can provide you with most of the top web maintenance. We also provide upgrading, redesigning, restructuring, and re-securing services. We perform a thorough analysis of the current best practices to ensure that your website uses the most appropriate and affordable technology, SEO tactics, design adjustments, and security enhancements.

We offer
  • Optimization for search engines
  • Creation and Management of Content
  • Infrastructure and server upkeep
  • Improvements in Performance
  • Upgrades to Security

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Our annual website maintenance includes the following

Our annual maintenance package offers various services to keep your website current, safe and working.

Performance Evaluation

A detailed examination is carried out to ensure that your website is operating at its peak. There will be functionality checks and fixes if problems are discovered with the inquiry forms or other components. Additionally, you must remove all dead links from your website for SEO purposes.

Updating Software

We install any required software and plugins to maintain your website's security. So that you don't miss out on the newest features. Besides, the purpose of bug fixes is to enhance the user experience.

Content and Design Updates

Changes in the content and style range from adding new product information to updating a contact number. We handle all requests for product page copy updates and banner image updates. Our teams for design and content will help you add, change, and update content as needed.

Increasing Speed

We'll track the site's loading time and fix any problems. Starting from page load time speed, images, and the database will be optimized, and if necessary, we will add advanced caching plugins.

Keeping a Backup

We regularly back up your website to eliminate the possibility of data loss. The complete site's database and files are included in this. Besides, we will provide off-site backup for total peace of mind.

Providing Protection

Your website can be protected from hackers with the help of our services. We take every precaution to provide you with around-the-clock security. We can use methods like two-factor authentication, scanning for malware, detecting 404 errors, making passwords stronger, and upgrading security.