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Blockchain Development

Whether you want blockchain as an application layer on your legacy system or a full-scale stand-alone blockchain solution. We offer industry-specific blockchain solutions with cutting-edge security and mobility. Our engineers and designers can help your firm profit from blockchain. We adopt cutting-edge distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, and identity solutions.

Blockchain Development Company in Dubai:

Blockchain development is the procedure of creating and releasing blockchain-based software and hardware. The blockchain is a digital ledger that is both transparent and secure. It may keep records of transactions and other data in a way that is unchangeable and visible. Developers in the blockchain space use various languages, frameworks, and tools. It is to build distributed ledger applications with broad applicability in various diverse fields. Include the banking, medical, logistics, property, and more sectors.

Safcodes is the best Blockchain Development Company in the United Arab Emirates. Our team of blockchain experts is among the best in the world. Our ultimate goal is to assist new and developing businesses. It is by providing them with the best Blockchain-based decentralized networks. Our company has mastered state-of-the-art techniques and technical standards. We build a decentralized web/mobile app platform with unparalleled safety and protection.

Professional Blockchain Application Development from Safcodes:

Blockchain development services

Here are some of the common blockchain development services offered by companies:

Blockchain consulting:

Companies provide blockchain consulting services to help businesses. It is to understand blockchain technology's benefits, and assess its feasibility. Allows to identify the best use cases for their specific needs.

Smart contract development:

Companies can develop smart contracts that automate business processes. Reduce the need for intermediaries, and ensure transparency and security.

Cryptocurrency development:

Companies can help businesses create cryptocurrencies. Set up the necessary infrastructure for mining and trading.

Supply chain management:

Companies can develop blockchain-based solutions that improve transparency, reduce fraud, and increase efficiency.

Identity management:

Companies can create blockchain-based solutions that improve security, privacy, and accessibility.

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Blockchain Development Platforms:

Blockchain development platforms allow developers to construct, test, and deploy blockchain-based products.

Businesses and organisations want blockchain development services to reap its benefits. These services need blockchain development, programming languages, cryptography, and security knowledge.

These platforms make designing complex blockchain apps easy with many tools and features. Popular blockchain development platforms:


Ethereum, a popular blockchain development platform, offers Solidity, a smart contract programming language. Ethereum's developer community contains many tools and frameworks.

Hyperledger Fabric:

Enterprise blockchain platform Hyperledger Fabric is open-source. Its modular architecture lets firms customize their blockchain networks.


Enterprise-focused blockchain platform Corda. It allows enterprises to construct decentralized applications that interact in the right way.


A blockchain platform for high-performance applications. It supports smart contracts, transaction processing, and high scalability.


An enterprise-focused Ethereum-based blockchain platform. Private transactions, privacy, and network permissions are available.


Stellar is a financial applications blockchain platform. It has minimal transaction costs, rapid transaction processing, and development tools and libraries.

Blockchain development platforms enable developers to build safe, scalable, and successful blockchain apps and solutions. Ready-made libraries and components from our top Safcodes developers in Dubai, UAE, save time and energy.