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Ecommerce Development company in Dubai

Our technology consultants and ecommerce developers have a proven track record of helping retail companies, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers achieve their business goals. We provide cutting-edge solutions in the fields of e-commerce and information technology. We maintain a hands-on approach to ensure that our clients' needs are met, and their businesses succeed.

Our Ecommerce developers team

One should understand the potential of an e-commerce business that could bring more growth to the company in the market. Many people have started their businesses by selling goods and products through stores. But they do not have an online store to showcase their products in a wider range. Such companies are at a wage of losing many customers and being left behind by their competitors.

We offer e-commerce website development services using cutting-edge technologies. We provide ongoing maintenance to ensure superior performance. Our e-commerce solutions comprise a range of services for businesses of all sizes.

The days are changing, and many people use their mobiles for shopping online. Our e-commerce website development services offer scalable and reliable shopping cart solutions with no errors on order management. We guarantee that your customers will have an excellent experience when they shop online. Our team develops your e-commerce website, ensuring it functions perfectly across various platforms.

While shopping online, security is very important during account creation and transaction times. Our e-commerce website development team follows security protocols and encrypts your information providing more protection for your data.

Services we Provide

Ecommerce Consultation

Are you in a fix on how to get started with your online store? Our team at Safcodes can provide solutions by first consulting your ideas and requirements to build your e-commerce business.

Custom eCommerce Design

When customizing your online store, our team puts much effort into creating an innovative and creative design. Our content always stands out among your competitors.

Ecommerce Website Development Services

Our main focus is to create an e-commerce website that meets the industry trends and satisfies customer needs online. We mainly focus on providing our customers with more reliable and secure e-commerce website solutions.

Ecommerce Website Optimization

We not only create an e-commerce website for our customers but also provide optimization services. We increase their online presence and their brand identity. Our expert development team assures the best optimization services to your online store.

Custom Payment Solutions

Most of our customers demand an easy check-out and carting process. At Safcodes, we integrate the right payment gateway that our clients need to meet their needs without delays.

Provide Cloud Solutions

Whether you are an e-commerce store serving customers in one location or across many states. We can help you grow your business by setting up and maintaining your online store.

High Security for Data Protection

Our security protocols and encryption are designed to protect customers from identity theft, data theft and fraud transactions.

E-commerce Development Needs

Our ecommerce development services have provided many solutions to expand your business online. We develop the best secured and versatile solutions for your online store.

Ecommerce Website

At Safcodes, we craft our ecommerce services with current technologies. We provide customers with an innovative online store experience. Our ecommerce websites are easy to navigate and attractive, making the customers engage more time shopping. We offer services such as

  • Responsive and User-friendly website
  • Product merchandising
  • Third-party applications
  • Easy deployment system
  • Pricing methods
  • Catalog management process
  • Product Browsing
  • Providing technical support

Operational Pillars for E-commerce business

Ecommerce ERP

The company specializes in complex ecommerce workflows, supply chain management and human resource management.

Product Information Management (PIM)

We are proficient at product categorization, cataloging and comparison, and lifecycle management.

Payment Solutions:

We design and install payment gateways, portals and related software. We also offer security solutions that help our clients comply with payment industry regulations.

Technologies we work

Magento Website Development

Magento is a complete ecommerce solution for all product types. It lets you create a website that is responsive to all screen sizes and devices, provides analytics to help you understand your customers better, offers SEO tools so that you can rank high in search engines to improve your online visibility, has an admin panel that makes it easy to manage inventory and orders with multiple modules that let you build custom functionality into your own website.

Magento's base is on the most popular open-source shopping cart software - PHP/MySQL, but it also supports other platforms like .NET and Java. It was designed to be extensible, allowing you to extend its functionality with new modules or software applications.

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Shopify Website Development

Shopify website development is an easy process as you have built-in features to create an ecommerce store online. It provides more than 70 themes over 50 languages helping you to design your website. It adds SEO features that are so advanced to your web pages. Advanced Plugins can be used to detect any bugs and report on your website.

Developing a website using Shopify improves response and load time at great speed leaving the customers with great experience. The data is safely encrypted from hackers and online payment method option is safe. Shopify is majorly used for ecommerce site as it provides 80 technology products and services inclusive of HTML5, Google Analytics and Javascript.

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WooCommerce Website Development

WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable, and robust eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything online. It supports hundreds of thousands of products, and offers many payment methods. It integrates with popular services like PayPal and Google AdWords. WooCommerce also provides full SEO compatibility and can be used to run an affiliate program.

Our team at Safcodes have in-depth knowledge of ecommerce platforms and the technologies. We ensure that we deliver the best online solution for our customers for a smooth shopping.

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