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Google Presents a safe search engine for kids "Kiddle"

Now a day's all parents main concern about their children is Education and the Internet. As parents are scaring about the bad influence on their kids while using the internet but they can not stop the kids because of the present Education system in each and every minute kids has to update their knowledge about current affairs, and other subjects to reach the target lines. Now Google takes this issue as very serious and presenting its new search engine for kids, it is safe for kids to use. Visual search engine for kids, powered by editors and Google safe search Engine, Big Thumbnails, Kids Oriented result, This is what Google says about the Kiddle. 

Kiddle is a Safe Search Engine for Kids, which looks very colorful and Image oriented. In this search engine, only Four different kinds of results are provided in the search bar





which all are related to only kids content. When we make any search in "KIDDLE", it gives the result which is oriented to kids and doesn’t look like the usual Google search result. It differs as it shows the relevant images of websites in the Left the ide of search result and looks very cool!. It has some unique features like Blocking keywords, Blocking website, etc in the Search result. PPC Ads result is also displayed in search result on the Right side of the screen only kids oriented adds will disply in this section. This search engine gives hope to parents to keep away from adult contents and images. Helps the kids to get the accurate information for their projects and education. So why to wait just make a habit of using this search engine for your kids.