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3 Common SEO Issues Found in the vast majority of the Magento Sites

On the off chance that honestly, Magento isn't the most SEO agreeable internet business stage accessible. This is because of its complex codebase, its perplexing rework motor and its prerequisite for dynamic substance. Despite these clear downsides, Magento still holds the crown just like the most grounded and most effective internet business CMS in the advanced universe.

Notwithstanding, many individuals are under the lost figment that the SEO issues identified with Magento are unresolvable when actually, the arrangement is to work with an SEO organization that spends significant time in Magento.

1.    Filter URLs

Channels are available to influence the shopping to encounter considerably more helpful for clients. Be that as it may, a typical issue for different Magento sites is having copied parameter-based pages at whatever point these property channels are in movement.

This is fantastically disappointing, particularly since these channel URLs create copy issues for web indexes, which can negatively affect a sites SEO execution.

Google may class pages as particular if the classification page content changes while channels are live. Handling this issue works best utilizing the Canonical Tag arrangement. This tag has been incorporated into the most recent versions of Magento and it works by allotting accepted labels inside your components.

This urges Google to choose not to see to the ebb and flow page and rather coordinates the web index towards the ace rendition. Since web indexes will see copied channel URL's adversely, it's best to ensure that comparable examples are canonicalized to classification pages.

2.    Multiple Categories containing Same Product

In some cases, online retailers need to demonstrate an item under more than one classification, which brings about two unique types of the item URL. While this may not appear like a major issue at initial, two pages containing a similar item shows copied issues that web indexes will get on.

This an enormous disservice, particularly scorch Google is descending harder on locales that distribute redundant substance on various pages.

Set accepted labels to keep Magento from making copy content. This will permit Google and other well-known web crawlers to pick the most wanted form in the blend of comparative URL for precisely the same. This will in this manner exile any copied content issues and enable you to show a similar item in the same number of classifications however you see fit.

3.   Short URLs

Short URL's copy by the significant web crawlers which can be somewhat of an annoyance. Sort enables clients to arrange a page of items in view of wanted qualities, for example, value, prominence and those most pertinent and so on. Magento at that point reorders the items in view of this activity and consequently creates another URL which is appended with a question string parameter. Google at that point decides this to be duplication, which is terrible news for SEO.


To tackle this issue, you have to guarantee that varieties of your unique URL are not filed by Google. The least demanding approach to do this is to utilize the accepted label yet again which will guide Google to the organized page.